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28 September 2010 @ 10:01 pm
After seeing so many people acutally using their LJs to write and stuff, I think I want to start getting into the habit of updating on my boring life and its ups and downs too. It's probably the best way I can  express my feelings fully because (no offense) I dont know any of you. I can rant about how my sister fucks up my life, how my parents talk shit and all that stuff and no one would care cause none of you know me besides through RP,  karaoke, sales, or whatnot. It's just a place that I can go apeshit on or spazz out until I die cause no one would give a fuck (: With that saidddd...

It seems that net is working a little faster right now and YES IT IS SO MUCH COOLER TODAY! So lets talk about my great day. I dreamed about ghosts that scared the shit out of me and for some reason I couldnt wake myself up so I had to deal wiht them until I did wake up >> It was really freaky you have no idea. And so I woke up at around..11:58am and I was like PERFECT. MAIL IS ALREADY HERE. I'm the person that goes out to check the mail. It's just something I love to do. And I sort of cant wait for christmas because (even If I doubt Ill get any) I love getting cards or just ANYTHING in the mail. Seriously, sometimes I just order random shit online JUST so I can recieve it in the mail. It shows you how much I love it XDDD
SO PERFECT The mail was already here and I ran downstairs PJS and all, and ran out to the mailbox my hair all messed up and shit and GUESS WHAT CAME IN THE MAIL 8DDD. MY TEEN TOP CD FINALLY CAME IN. YUUUSSSS! After I saw that huge grey package in my mailbox, I thought "ahh, today will be a good day." And guess what today was pretty awesome I must say.  The weather was A WHOLE LOT cooler than the day before (108 degrees? you have to be kidding me) and it was like..in the low 90's or high 80s today. very very lovely ♥ Made my day a whole lot better. I also got May's payment for her DBSK poster so I went out with my brother to buy a poster tube and what not and so yesss. I recieved payment from Sabina for her package too so I get to ship out things tomorrowwww. AWESOMENESS. MONEY KEEPS ROLLING IN AND I KEEP SPENDING. LMAOOO. I'm so badddd
With that out of the way, Ill jsut talk about my random kpop obsessions. Currently I am obsessed with 3 groups, plain and simple. SHINEE, U-KISS, and TEEN TOP. I love those 3 groups so much right now and I PREORDERED HELLO JUST YESTERDAY. AND SO I HOPE IT COEMS IN BEFORE HALLOWEEN. FUAHAH. And then U-kiss is coming out wiht a new album? SCORE SCORE AND SCORE. Life is pretty awesome I must say ^^ 

Ok I ran out of things to say cause I'm getting lazy to type lmaoo. Back to some Rping...WOOT. and if someone could make me some awesome TEEN TOP Icons, I'd greatly appreciate it~

13 September 2010 @ 03:06 pm
guyysss or my lj-listttt~ if you can help me it would be great! I'm almost done selling all of my things and if you guys (any of you) could buy something please do! *begs for money*
I can do paypal or concealed cash (at your own risk!) and I ship from California, USA
I have jpop too...just ask XDD

suju poster 13 USD shipped! (66x80 cm, nice textured paper too!)

Wondergirls phone charm 6 USD shipped!

Seungri phone charm for 7.50 USD shipped!

Khun phone charm 6 USD shipped!

Hankyung phone charm 7.50 USD shipped!
13 August 2010 @ 02:48 pm
I got really bored or rather I just watched GP Basic's debut MV so I decided I'm going to make a post of my reviews of new songs lately or the new groups that recently debuted. This is pure opinion and maybe a discussion can occur on this post? 8D So let's start shall we?

GP Basic - GAME
Ok, so my first impression of them was crap more autotune and A 6TH GRADER? I WAS STILL PICKING MY NOSE WHEN I WAS IN 6TH GRADE. and so I wasnt quite sure how they would turn out. I just finished listening to their song and watching their MV and I must say I am quite impressed. I dont really care about their age anymore and hell, their song was really catchy. Yes, it was basically all autotune. I was tired of the autotune craze but now..I dont care. If that autotune makes the song sound good and it sells, why not? Besides in this industry its just to make music that would sell right? If the song is catchy (whatever effects they used, or however they cheated to cover up voices) if it makes them money..WHY THE FUCK NOT? :3 So my overall impression of this group is they are pretty good. That little 6th grader can dance better htan 99% of us, so stop bashing her :| Her voice is...somewhat annoying but oh well--shes still a 6th grader.

SISTAR - Push Push
My first impression of this song was...EWWWWW. I hated it. Like I only thought the girls were pretty and the song just sucked ass. So I didnt really listen to the song much. Of course my brother (being the guy he is) these girls are eye candy! So he dled their music video and on those bored days, I decided to watch it and what do you know...I got addicted to it x_x haha and now I'm always like singing in the shower "PUSH PUSH BABY~" >> geezus. They are all really pretty but the two girls that use autotune done do very well live.. >> hmmm

Secret - Madonna
This song is really catchy. I love it XDD Even if I agree that it does sound like Magic sort of---BUT WHO CARES. It's catchy and I know that it's going to sell well so good for those girls. They are one of those new groups (they have what..3 singles out no?) and they are selling pretty well ^^ SO keep it up Secret. I will DL this song and put it on my ipod to listen to where I go~ MADONNA DONNA DONNA~ blonde hair is the trend nowadays huh, but they all look gorgeous so yayyyy~

Nine Muses - No Playboy
hmm the first thing I thought when I saw them was oh great here is another like SNSD. I checked them out a little more and they are really pretty. They look more mature and womanly than SNSD. hahah so I look forward to their music. The song is kinda...meh for me cause its kinda slow and idk but they are pretty. Its like there are 9 son dambis in one group hahaah. I like mature women. Their music should be good. Their voices are decent so far, but I'm not a fan of their debut song. but good job ladies!

I can finally hit jessicas high note in "kissing you". What an accomplishment (:
27 April 2010 @ 06:35 pm
WHO IS GOING TO HOLLYWOOD BOWL THIS WEEKEND! I have seat TERRACE 1446! Let's meet up and yeah! there are 2PM and BEAST fan meets so yeah let me know when you guys get there (if youre going) so then we can meet up and go to the meet ups and stuff together!!